your style
is your identity


The brand KRSV was founded in 2021 in Hong Kong, by Anastasia Krasavtseva. Krasavtseva translates into ‘beautiful’ and Anastasia carries this through into her brand

My biggest wish is to help women to feel happy, beautiful and valuable

Founder of KRSV

K fOR Kalon (ideal perfect beauty in the physical and moral sense)
R for Radiant
V FOR Valuable

how KRSV started


Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anastasia developed a distinctive, unique, standing out sense of beauty and style. It is there that her taste and passion for design were formed.

Anastasia’s desire is to dress women in comfortable, high quality and good looking clothing. To her, looking good is feeling good.


Being locked in Hong Kong for more than a year, filled with dreams of tropical beaches and being recharged by azure seas has inspired her first capsule collection.


Each garment is individually designed and tailor-made with the utmost attention to detail, to achieve the perfect look, fit and quality for each piece.

Her collections are made for urban wear, as well as the intense heat of Hong Kong.


Anastasia has a love of natural fibres especially silk (Silk makes you feel cool in summer and warm in winter.) and the goal is to produce sustainable, long lasting, timeless tailor made items. Her clothes are designed to flatter and leave you feeling feminine and effortlessly elegant.